Adapted Mind online learning helps your child succeed in school!

adapted Mind online learning website.

At the end of the year as we are finishing up a grade of school work, I like to know that my kiddos understood the information they learned before moving on!
I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Adapted Mind online, but I love it!  For the past two years I have used it for one month at a time to gauge where my child is at!  It’s free for a one month trial of math, and this year I found out they have an 11 day free trial for the Reading Comprehension.  It’s for students in grades 1-6.

Last year my son did the one month free trial in math, and I got to see what progress he was making, and what areas he was struggling in!  This was perfect for reviewing.  The areas they struggle in have videos linked to that topic!  My son would watch Khan Academy and other demonstrations to show him how to solve math problems online.  I loved that these methods were different from my own!  He was getting one method from our curriculum and another from this site!
The problems also get harder for the child the more they succeed!  It continues to challenge them at their own level!  The work starts out easy, but as the child gets the answers correct, it continues to challenge them and get harder!  They earn achievements for completing work and it really encourages them and makes it fun!
After our one month free trial last year, I put a stop on our account and had it start a year later!  All his work from last year was saved!  Anything he didn’t complete in 2nd grade math is what he is starting with this year, then he will move on to 3rd grade work.  It only cost me $10 for one month this year, and that’s all I plan on using it!  This month he will work on it everyday, and hopefully he will strengthen some of his weaknesses and be ready for our next Level in our Rightstart Math book!
This online learning website could be used for homeschoolers or children struggling in reading or math in public school!  I have liked it enough to continue to use it!  It can also be used for multiple children and still only $10 per subject!  I have an account for my kindergartener as well so he can do some basic 1st Grade math before we start!  I love that I don’t have to pay extra for each child!

Side Note:  I use my email calendar to know when his account is activated again!  This way I can make sure he uses it for all the time I am paying for it!

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  1. Sherry Phillips says:

    Can you elaborate a little on how the content compares to his regular school work?

  2. Sorry for getting back to you so late Sherry! The work on adapted mind is a lot of review of what he’s done, but also introduces things we haven’t yet covered. We use Rightstart math, which is VERY good curriculum, but still when he is doing his grade level on adaptedmind, he has to watch some of the videos and maybe ask me questions now and then. It’s not all fun and games, but my 1st grader certainly would say it is! They work hard for the badges they earn on the site! I hope this answered your question!

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