Over an hour later and still planning our summer calendar….

sioux falls summer activities guideYesterday our local Activities Guide came in the mail!  I get all giddy seeing all the fun events  in the community that are free to enjoy!  I spent an hour last night adding kids activities to my calendar around Boyscout camps, swim lessons, vacations, and my husband’s work and travel schedule!  This year we have a park within walking distance from our home that is hosting a lot of the free activities (makes me not want to move now….)! Continue reading

Stride Ride has shoes and snowboots marked down on clearance!

stride rite comfortable shoes


Stride Rite puts their shoes on clearance twice a year to make room for new seasonal shoes!  Now is the time to get tennis shoes, snowboots, and other styles that are cute and comfortable and very affordable!  All their snowboots are marked down to $19.99! Continue reading

FREE professional JCPenny Haircuts for kids on Sundays!!!


Starting November 4, 2012, JCPenny’s Salons will give free haircuts to children Kindergarten-6th grade!!!  Love this!!!  This will be EVERY SUNDAY only!!!  So put Sundays on your calendar for children’s haircuts and save yourself the hassle at home.  My son wiggled so much last time that I almost buzzed his ear!  I think I may go this route…

If you want to know how to cut your own hair, visit my post that explains how I do mine!


Photo courtesy of healing dream at Freedigitalphotos.net!

How to save money while shopping for bread where you live!

shopping for bread

Saving money on bread is pretty important with my crew.  We go through a lot of bread!  I use to  purchase my bread at the Wonder Bread in Sioux Falls before they closed down.  I was spending $0.55/loaf shopping from their discounted bread rack selection.  For this price I could purchase hot dog and hamburger buns, rolls, bread, and more!

Now I only have a Sara Lee bread store that has discounted bread in my area.  Last time I shopped there it was $0.90 a loaf for the cheapest bread they had!  Hy-Vee will have sales on bread for $0.77 a loaf for fresh bread!  It isn’t “cheap” to pay almost $1 a loaf at a bread store if I can purchase fresh at my local grocery store.

One way I save now is baking homemade breads.  Buns, french breads, and even pretzels are easy enough to make with a bit of practice.  If you are stocking up on flour and baking supplies when there is a sale, you will see major savings baking bread at home.  I still love bread that I can pop in the toaster, so I do purchase bread when the stores have sales and at the bread store.  I also bake and freeze a lot of my own.

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22 things to do around Sioux Falls on a budget as a couple or family!

Sioux Falls Events


There are plenty of affordable things to do around Sioux Falls to keep the whole family busy!  These would be great ideas for the entire family to have fun doing together.  If you are trying to plan a date, these ideas on my list would work great for a couple! I will continue to add to my list as I find more ideas and would love for others to share what they enjoy doing that’s free or nearly free in the area!

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Great way to save money on gas with double coupons at Super America

mrslaurenspain | October 26, 2011 at 12:11 pm | Reply | Edit

I get gas at SuperAmerica (41st & Kiwanis) because, 1) They have a rewards program so I can get $ off of gas or other convenience store purchases by racking up points, and 2) They double coupons on Tuesdays, and accept competitors coupons! I go to HyVee (I’ve been told the one on Louise and 49th has the best gas discounts) and buy something I need anyway, and then take my receipt in when I pay for gas and it usually saves me about $5 when I fill my tank :) You can get as much as 30 cents off per gallon!

  • mommasavesalot | October 26, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Reply | Edit

    I love it! Thank you Lauren! This deal is in Sioux Falls, SD!

Local deals for Sioux Falls area!

If you find any hot deals, clearances, double coupons, etc.  share them here!  This will be filled with comments only.  As you find a store that offers specials or you just had a great shopping experience, share!   This is only for Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.  Lets keep it local!  Thanks!

An easy way to save money on family entertainment and education!

Library books and saving money

The Library!

I’m not talking about the library that has accumulated in my house, I’m talking about the Public Library. Continue reading

A tip to Save money: When and where to purchase bacon for less

Here’s a tip to save money the next time you purchase bacon!  Buying Bacon can be very expensive.  The cheapest we found at Walmart was $3.98/lb!  And that is skinny bacon that falls apart after you make it!

Now we are getting thick cut delicious bacon from the Hutterite colony.  It’s $3/lb for delicious bacon!  It’s a bit pricier than store sales, but the bacon is a cheap buy when there are no sales, and it’s good!  And that’s what I look for, affordability and quality!

Franklin Food Market also has affordable bacon when it goes on sale.  The Covered Wagon brand that goes on sale is a box of the fattiest cuts of bacon I’ve seen.   So with some sales, you get what you pay for!

The most affordable stock up price for in-store bacon in Sioux Falls has been $1.99/lb at Franklin and Sunshine.  It’s not as thick and wonderful as colony bacon, but it’s more affordable and still good bacon!


Where to you purchase bacon for cheap in Sioux Falls or your area?