Make 7 meals in 2 1/2 hrs – and still have your sanity!

I’m still learning how to be a meal prepping Diva!  With helpful tips from friends and family, it is becoming somewhat second nature to me!  Last week I was able to get 10 lbs of hamburger for just under $2/lb (Franklin Food Market’s Facebook deal combined with great low meat prices).  Instead of dividing this into 1 lb bags and freeze like I use to, I cook IT ALL!  5 lbs of that burger went straight into my large crock pot on high.

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Free kid friendly menus for supper: used July/August store sales

These are menus I created for the months of July and August around food I purchase with items that have gone on sale at that time.  We eat around sale cycles to save the most!  By creating menus, we eat out of our stockpile and save even more!

Some of my menu may confuse you, so let me explain a bit.   My binder note is my recipe binder that I made with all the recipes I like.  These are all for supper.  Lunch we do leftovers, sandwiches, and quick meals.  Breakfast is also simple on hand items, except Saturday morning.  I’m going to start making double batches of breakfast recipes on Saturday for yummy mornings Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday has strange menu items because our church does a pot luck each Sunday (love it!).  So I listed two items each Sunday, which are random.  If you want a recipe, please comment.  Here’s a link to my Pinterest page for recipes.  And of course, 4 weeks of menus!  Now I need some rest!  Whoofta!

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4 week Shopping list

Some of these ingredients I will get from the garden (hopefully), some I will make homemade alternatives, others I may improvise around sales!  I will post my menus as well that go with this list!  This will give you an idea of how I’m planning ahead.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Falling off the coupon wagon!

I have to admit I’ve fallen off the coupon wagon a bit!  With summer here, I’ve stayed busy in a good way.   I have been stockpiling here and there, but I have not been matching up deals enough and have made one huge dreaded mistake! Continue reading

Weekly menu- yummy crockpot steaks and quesadillas recipes too!

  • Monday: Crock pot Steaks, baked potatoes, carrots
  •  Tuesday: Dine out
  •  Wednesday: Pizza, Pudding/bananas, Green beans
  •  Thursday: Chicken Quesadillas, rice, salsa
  •  Friday: Grilled Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, apples
  •  Saturday: Scalloped potatoes and Ham, veggie
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Menu for week of 1/29

  • Monday: Spaghetti, bread sticks, Green beans, salad
  •  Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli, Apple sauce
  •  Wednesday: Left Overs
  •  Thursday: Enchiladas, corn, rice
  •  Friday: Chili, oyster crackers
  •  Saturday: Eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, fruit
  •  Sunday: Left overs


Menu for week of 1/22

  • Monday: Bean Enchiladas, corn, chips and salsa
  •  Tuesday: Dine out
  •  Wednesday: Pizza, salad, fruit
  •  Thursday: Chicken Helper, veggie, salad
  •  Friday: Stroganoff, corn, 7-layer salad
  •  Saturday: Tuna fish sandwiches, chips, fruit
  •  Sunday: Left overs Continue reading

Menu for week of 1/16

  • Monday: Sloppy Joe, Bear Creek Soup
  •  Tuesday: Pancakes, eggs, fruit salad
  •  Wednesday: Left overs
  •  Thursday: Spaghetti Pie,Garlic bread, Green beans
  •  Friday: Shepherd’s Pie with mixed veggies and green beans, bun
  •  Saturday: Hot dogs, bun, fruit, homemade fries
  •  Sunday: Left overs

I made 4 menus and I’m gradually changing things as I stock up on new items, or when fruit or vegetables go on sale!  Food will all get put in my kitchen and out of the freezer today so I’m ready to prepare supper!

Christmas menu!

For the next two weeks I’m winging my menu!  No pre-planning on paper.  Only in my head!  I will share with you my Christmas menu, though!  I should really plan that… Continue reading

Menu for 12/14-12/20

  • Wednesday:  Hot roast beef sandwiches!  Making this with leftover roast beef, leftover potatoes, and white bread!  Then smothered with beef gravy. Continue reading