Cure a sinus infection naturally at home with Hydrogen Peroxide!

Curing a sinus infection at home

No more prescriptions from your doctor will be needed with this natural remedy for sinus infections!

Hydrogen peroxide is the method I use!  I purchase this stuff in a large container and get the spray bottles as well.  I keep it on hand for natural remedies, and household disinfecting.   You can find it at Walmart for dirt cheap in the bandage section.  It’s always in a dark bottle, because in light it will turn into water.


Killing off a Sinus Infection:

Take a cap full of hydrogen peroxide, about an ounce of warm water, and combine the two.  You can take a medicine dropper and suck this solution into it, tilt your head to the right while bending over the sink as you drop the solution into your left nostril.  It may or may not run out of the other nostril.  It will fizzle and have a funny sensation.  Just keep your head tilted a bit until the fizzing stops (or as long as you can tolerate for your first time).  Tilt your head to the other side and follow up with the other nostril.  I also have taken cue tips and soaked it in plain hydrogen peroxide and put it in the nostril that bothered me the most.  Blow your nose when you are finished.  Repeat this maybe two times, morning and night, the following day.


One Gal’s Bad Experience:

Someone with serious sinus problems tried this once, and I believe she experienced a nose bleed.  But as anything, you find out what works for your body after you try it, and you find out what amount of peroxide works for you!  No one else that I know of has experienced negative side effects.  I personally experienced glorious side effects!

I have not gone to the doctor for a sinus infection since I found this method.  This has always worked wonders for me!  And now I also prevent them.  Whenever I first come down with a cold, I use a neti pot, and do a sinus rinse with a salt water solution.  It also reduces my cold symptoms!  At first the neti pot was a weird experience, but I love it now!  I don’t dread colds anymore, because I don’t get hit near as hard from them!

The NasaFlo Unbreakable Neti Pot  was the neti pot I purchased at Walmart.  I wish I would have waited and purchased the Ceramic Neti Pot from Amazon, so I could put it in the dishwasher.  And the plastic one has a plastic piece that I had to file down.  It hurt my nose for a while!

How do you handle a sinus infection?


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