God’s power at work in us as we are loving others and offering hope

I went through a short spurt of selling Avon years back.  My Grandmother was rather convincing when she asked me to sign up so she would be entered to win a trip!  I’m not a “sales person” at all!  If I’m not completely loving a product myself, I can’t push it on someone else.  So my personality going into the Avon sales business was not a great match.   But I did it for that woman I adored, my Grandmother!  As I went through all the forms to help one become a better sales person, I came upon a startling and uninspiring statistic!  


I can’t remember the exact numbers, with it having been 8 years ago, but I do recall what the statistic meant.  The forms explained to me how many people I should invite to a show because only so many would show up.  They suggested making a list of everyone I knew, beginning with family, and assume only 10% or less of your list will actually attend a show! That was not motivating at all for me to read!


I was already uncomfortable with sales, now discouraged, and I only lasted long enough for my Grandmother to count me towards her number of recruits for her trip.  Years later those statistics came back to me.  We can’t always explain why we go through certain things, but God has a way of making it clear to us in His timing!


I had spoken with a manager at Walgreens (you get to be on a first name basis with these folks when you shop like I do), and our conversation turned into church and faith.  I asked her questions about her family, church, and life.  I found out she wanted to go to a church, but I could tell something was holding her back from it all.  I felt love and compassion for this woman, and after I invited her to church and spoke with her more, I prayed all the way to my vehicle for this woman and her family.


As I was driving home, I heard a statistic spoken to me, ” If you invite 100 people to church, only 10 may come.”  That Avon sales statistic was the same statistic spoken to me, yet I wasn’t even selling a product, I was offering hope.  It made me realize that she was the first person I offered hope to this month!  How many folks do I miss opportunities with everyday because I’m too “busy”?  Not everyone will accept Christ, but shouldn’t they all have a chance to know about Him like I know about Him?


Some may have been misled by false teaching as I had been.  Some may have been in church, but something turned them off about it as this gal seemed to have experienced.  I’m the church walking around everyday.  You may be reading this and know that the same is true for you!  We need to love those around us, stop being so busy to build relationships, and tell them about Christ!  Don’t bottle up the truth inside of you!


So don’t make a list…  Avon does that!  Instead, let the Holy Spirit speak to you, and don’t be afraid to act on it.  My conversation with the most recent gal was more about her family than anything, but she opened up about her faith.  That is God at work.  I was just there, doing what I was told :) .


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3 Responses to God’s power at work in us as we are loving others and offering hope

  1. Patti Guthrie says:

    Reaching out to others in God’s love is a simple yet somehow complicated thing to do. Simple because God provides the opportunities and the words to say. Complicated because I am not listening, or am too busy, or have other things on my mind. Thinking of the great commission Christ gave, to go and make disciples, teaching them….etc, in human terms it starts with making a connection with a person. Humm. I pray that i will be listening more and willing to act in love,

    • Thank you for commenting Patti! I believe we are all a bit guilty of being too “busy”. It’s easy to say hello to someone, but we don’t always have the time to just stop and listen and love them. I’m working on it too!

  2. amy says:

    awesome story Jen!! It is a great reminder of how God can use us, especially when we let him!!

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