Love notes and letters to your husband: surprise him & make his day!

Today leave a note or notes around the house for your husband!

Leave one somewhere you know he will be (razor he shaves with, pillow he sleeps on, mail he will go through, etc).  You can make these notes fit his love language however that may be.  Today I have a feeling our husbands our going to think we are dying, or that we really want something out of our price range for Christmas!  ;)

If so – give yourself a pat on the back, because you are doing awesome at lovin’ your guy amidst children hanging on you, work, and life in general!

DO NOT TELL HIM ABOUT THE CLUB!  This is all you, so just love every minute of your husband’s ancy behavior as he begins to wonder… :).

If you haven’t been with us since day one, no worries!  Start today!  You can read the rest of the days in the links below!


Day 6 down – 25 to go

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  1. My note was so simple! I pretty much told him how much I appreciate and love him! I stuck it on the bathroom mirror! My guy gave me a big smile and kiss before work! He was beaming! To think we wives can start their day off that way :)! Little does he know he has another note tucked in his sandwich bag… :)

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