Pink Eye Remedy – Use Tea bags to quickly heal pink eye without meds

steeped tea bag for pink eye


I learned this pink eye remedy from a gal at church about 5 years ago, and it has saved me many trips to the doctor’s office!  Here’s our story leading up to it.

My oldest had conjunctivitis all the time when he was 18 months and younger.  One of his tear ducts was closed, which is common for kids and some do grow out of it.  But because one was closed, he was prone to eye colds, pink eye, and conjunctivitis!  He always had something with his eyes, including eye matter most mornings.  When we brought him in, they would prescribe us eye drops.  My husband and I would time his eye drops so we could apply them together.  One of us would hold him down, the other would apply the drops.  Sad thing is, when I look back knowing what I know now, that poor darling didn’t need those eye drops!  And he had them OFTEN!

A gal at church told me about the natural remedies for tea bags and how it soothes the eye and draws out the infection.

How to use Tea to Heal:

  • You take black tea, green tea, or really whatever you have on hand, and steep the tea in hot water as you would when making a cup of tea.  If you don’t know how to make a cup of tea, search like I did!
  • Lay the tea bag out to cool when the tea is ready.  I ALWAYS test the tea bag on my eye before putting it on my child’s eye.  Some would say this could transfer germs.  But if they are the one sick, then I wouldn’t worry about that ;).  The eye is a very sensitive area, and when you test the tea bag with your hand, it will always seem far cooler than your eye’s opinion of what is cool.   You could burn your child’s eyelid if you are new to this!!!  Test it!
  • Your child may struggle the first time.  Have them lay back on you and relax.  My 2 yr old put it on her own eye the first time to get over her fear of it.  I had her watch cartoons with her good eye.  My older boys: I do both eyes at once and sing or read to them.
  • Have them keep it on their eye as long as they will let you.  I flip it over and use it on the other eye as well,if it’s a cold.  If they have pink eye, use two tea bags and always do both eyes!
  • Do this 3-5 times for about 10-20 minutes the first day.  Use the tea bag to gently wipe away matter from the eye.  If they have severe pink eye, make sure the tea bag is juicy and squeeze some of that tea juice gently over the eye.  It’s okay if it gets into the eye, and will actually help with healing!
  • For infants, apply it while they are sleeping for the same time frame (let the tea bag get even cooler/slightly cold to be safe.   No more fighting, they wont even know it happened!

Tea helps to :

  • Clean out morning goop from eyes without having to scrub with a cloth!
  • Heal pink eye: keep applying on Day 1: 3-5 x, Day 2: 3-4 x, Day 3 through 5: as needed 1-3 x
    Apply this for the full length of time listed even if eyes are clear!  It will come back the next day if not handled properly!
  • Comfort itchy sore eyes
  • Try cool tea bags to comfort tired puffy eyes
  • Literally DRAWS out eye goop from colds (after you apply the tea bag, you will see the goop oozing out the tear duct!)

This Natural Remedy is tried and true!  I have used it for 5 years now and have not gone to the doctor for pink eye since!  Nor have I fought to hold down my poor child as I apply eye drops!  I have even used it on myself for pink eye (from daycare of course), itchy eyes I thought might be pink eye, and a cold.  It feels so good and takes the itch away after the first application!  I can’t say the same about eye drops!

Other ways to get better quicker:

Pink eye should also be treated as you would any other illness.  Plenty of rest, fluids, and a healthy diet.  Your child will bounce back quicker if you let his/her body heal as God intended.  Keep them home from school or daycare for a couple days.  Not just to avoid exposing others, but to give your little one a chance to get back to good health!


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8 Responses to Pink Eye Remedy – Use Tea bags to quickly heal pink eye without meds

  1. mrslaurenspain says:

    Used this remedy on Ellie, per your blog, and it worked! No more eye drops! Yay!

  2. My son’s eye doctor just let us know that he has Chronic Blepharitis. My son is always messing with his eyes, pulling at his lashes, and as I stated above- he ALWAYS gets pink eye! Well, this is from the Blepharitis. It can’t be cured, but usually goes away by the time one is a teenager. The eye doctor recommended warm compresses at night, and tea bags when he gets an eye infection or pink eye! He said tea bags work better than eye drops, are natural, and he said too often kids are treated with reoccuring pink eye with antibiotics, when really they have this blepharitis (which is more common than I realized!), and the eye drops wont make it stop coming back. So even an eye doctor told me to keep up with the tea bags! I told him I encourage my daycare families to go this route, and he said with any pink eye, he would use tea bags as well! So good news all around! My son doesn’t need glasses, just warm compresses to keep his eyes clean. And tea bags are the cheap and safe way to go!

  3. Elle says:

    If you’d rather not test the tea bag on your own eye, you can test it on the inside of your wrist (of course, be sure it is clean!) The skin there is also very thin and is a good indicator of the temp :) … Thank you for this, I’m sure it will come in handy at some point!

    • Thank you! The wrist may very well be a good indicator of how hot it is. When I did it on my wrist, my kiddos still complained. I’m not sure if the eye is that much more sensitive, or they see Mom test it on her own eye and think it wont kill them lol!

  4. I’m going to try this, I have pink eye caught it from my daughter and can’t get in to see my dr. And if this really works it will save me some money as well :)

  5. Monica says:

    Thank you! I’m trying it as I type this!!

  6. Jo says:

    Thanks for your contribution, very helpfull!

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